being the brother of a sister

Oli has a secret.

Err, rather, we do, because he doesn't know much beyond puffs and milk and his bunny.

He wears a lot of his sister's clothing.

lets take a closer look, shall we?

He's no cross-dresser, but anything Lily could pass on that was neutral enough (and ok, some things that push it!), he wears. Clothing children is expensive and handing clothes down to siblings is amazing (heck, I still steal my sister's clothes on a regular basis!)... Even if the sibling is a girl

I know some people that wouldn't share clothes among different gendered kids and some who do gladly. 
For us it's a no brainer while he's still so young. He won't wear her tutus when he's 9, but for now, who even notices the difference?

Do your kids ever wear siblings clothes that aren't their gender?
Would you do it?


  1. his eyes are stunning and he looks so serene!

  2. Just showed Hannah this post. She kept repeating "ah!" when she saw his pictures. I asked her if she wanted to marry him and she nodded and then held out her hands asking to hold him! She is however very concerned about his messy face, she kept saying "uh oh" but I assured her you cleaned up his mouth once he was done eating! Someday we gotta get these kids together!

    1. oh.my.gosh. that picture of H is too much for my mama heart top HANDLE.

      when can you guys come up for a visit?