resolutions, 1 month into 2012

Remember all those resolutions I made back in early January?
Ha. Me neither. Kind of.

Here's the one's I'm not doing so hot in:
  • take the kids (or 1 kid at a time) on outings every other day
  • spend 1 hour a day MAX consuming media (including all internet sites, television) with movies as an exception (because what movie is an hour long?)
  • make our bed every morning (so I don't use the kid's nap time to crawl back into it!)
  • listen to 10 audio books with my husband in 2012 (to be fair, 10 books/year is less than 1/month so 1 month in we haven't listened to one, but we're not technically "behind")
My excuses? It's too cold and hard. And there's some great blogs out there that I love reading... and new shows on TV (Parenthood, Up All Night, Grey's Anatomy, and one starting tonight that I can't wait for... Smash!) that I love watching.

The bad news? All of those shows equal about 3.5 hours/week or 30 minutes per day, leaving me 30 minutes to read blogs, which is totally do-able. So DO IT, Emily...

Here's the one's I'm actually doing more than 75% of the time:
  • read a book a month (I read 2 in January: Loving the Little YearsAdopted for Life,)
  • pray for Brad and the kids every day
  • wear sweats and yoga pants 2X a week MAX (unless I'm working out)
  • put in my contacts every day (my glasses aren't bad it's just a sign of frumpiness for me)
  • live more simply (give away unused clothing or toys to those in need, be smarter with what I buy and how I spend my time)
Here's the one's I'm doing about 50% of the time:
  • read the Bible every day
  • always have red paint on my toes ('cause it makes me feel like a WOMAN, not just a live-in nanny)
  • eat breakfast, not just coffee
my excuses? laziness and business.
the bad news? those both suck.

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