like old times...

Last night I stayed up really late... BECAUSE I WANTED TO.

We didn't crawl into bed until 1am, after starting dinner and a movie way later than normal... BECAUSE WE FELT LIKE IT.

Not because one of both kids were keeping us awake, but because we hadn't seen Midnight in Paris yet and I was making beer battered shrimp and potato wedges and banana bourbon pudding (minus the sponge cake and pecans, with spiked whipped cream). Because we were having a date night in.

Even though we decided the movie was lacking a strong finish, the pudding certainly wasn't. And frankly, we could have been watching and eating pretty much anything and I'd still have felt victorious. When babies start sleeping through the night, parents get a big part of their lives back. Plain and Simple.

The feeling of being in control of basic things like what hour I go to bed, are sadly thrilling, but I think any parent of newborns can agree! We felt like we were dating again, snuggling and watching a movie after midnight. So wild, I know.


  1. haha! that's wonderful girl!!!

  2. Love this! Nights in like that are the best. Do you recommend the movie? A friend of mine can't stop talking about it.

  3. Oh Emi - nothing says date night like this!!