12 resolutions for a mom in 2012

seems like I'm setting the bar REALLY low this year, but as a mom of two babies I think they're just right :)
  1. make our bed every morning (so I don't use the kid's nap time to crawl back into it!)
  2. put in my contacts every day (my glasses aren't bad it's just a sign of frumpiness for me)
  3. wear sweats and yoga pants 2X a week MAX (unless I'm working out)
  4. eat breakfast, not just coffee
  5. read the Bible every day
  6. pray for Brad and the kids every day
  7. take the kids (of 1 kid at a time) on outings every other day
  8. always have red paint on my toes ('cause it makes me feel like a WOMAN, not just a live-in nanny)
  9. listen to 10 audio books with my husband in 2012
  10. read a book a month (start with Loving the Little Years, Give Them Grace, Adopted for Life, The Meaning of Marriage, 9 Marks of a Healthy Church, Prodigal God)
  11. live more simply (give away unused clothing or toys to those in need, be smarter with what I buy and how I spend my time)
  12. spend 1 hour a day MAX consuming media (including all internet sites, television) with movies as an exception (because what movie is an hour long?)


  1. I like these. Some of my resolutions are similar- read lots of books, live more simply, read the bible every day.
    All good stuff. Keep it up!!

  2. Also enjoyed these and echo the resolutions Lindsay mentioned. Especially living more simply with me having a job that requires me to wear current product, many people can be blessed by the clothes I no longer wear.

  3. You should do a recap on how these have gone for you so far! I know mine are going ok. :-)