Lily Update (months 7-9)

It's true (and obvious).... I've abandoned the whole monthly update thing. It's just not going to happen. Lily is approaching 10 months and I don't think I've done once since she was 7 months old. That's in no way indicative of her lack of accomplishments or our excitement about them, but more so our lack of free time to document them all, our lack of a good camera right now, and the busyness of life and relocation. And the more I thought about it, with each additional baby it would get monumentally more difficult to do them, so why not quit while I'm ahead? Or only slightly behind...

But some updates on the Lily front are here! This post is mostly for the grandparents and Lily's aunts and uncles (biological and honorary) so I hope it doesn't bore those readers who only read for recipes and DIY things... This post is SO not that :)

Lily. Is it fair to say we're addicted to you? Is it accurate to say you're our favourite person? Brad and I have asked these questions of her so often. I joke that the three of us our Best Friends Forever, which brad quasi-loves and quasi-resists since it's extremely sappy and ridiculous but also true if you count the whole BFF thing as the person/people you spend the most time with and who influence you the most. And she's only getting cuter and more fun as she ages.

Some of the milestones of late are clapping at basically everything, person, and situation, broadening her food tastes to basically all fruits, vegetables, grains (thankful she's not allergic to wheat!), many meats, and even eggs (another sigh of relief that she's not allergic to eggs... apparently it's more common than I'd thought, but we're clear for baking parties now!), and drum roll............. TEETH. Or should I say tooth? I can't really tell because she's a stubborn baby with a strong tongue and will to keep us away from them... unless we're allowing her to chomp on our fingers which is a lot more painful now that sharp hard object(s) are emerging.

Three days ago I noticed as Lily was chewing on my finger (note to parents and pregos: DO NOT waste your money on a $20 Sofie The Giraffe. It's essentially a chew toy available at any Dollar Store and they seem to always prefer something else - books, toys, limbs...) that there was something else in there. Just a glimmer of a tooth protruding from the gums but enough to really hurt. It was hard, sharp, and slightly jagged (as the very tops of teeth tend to be). Every day since it's been slightly more present, but the tooth or teeth are still really faint can barely be seen, especially with Lily's force. It's in the center of the bottom row of her gums, so it's hard to tell if it's one tooth or the two middle teeth, but we'll see soon I'm sure.

And one sad "milestone" - Lily's hair is now long enough and thus heavy enough, that it doesn't grow vertical like grass but downward like normal hair. We've tried brushing it up after baths and it just falls down immediately now. I'd say her hair is a good inch and a half now in some places, and the baby Mohawk is officially gone. RIP amazing hair. We loved you and we miss you. On the plus side, her hair is long enough for barrettes! Just in time to be the flower girl at her aunt Lisa's wedding this August :)


  1. bono6.6.11

    dearest lily pie!

    i'd like to know what size you're wearing these days. aunty bono has seen some AMAZING outfits, that you'd rock.

    i'm proud of you for growing your teeth, and clapping. soon, i will come and cuddle with you & give you high 5's.

    you are LOVED.

    aunty bono

  2. Shout out to the honorary auntie Bono :) she needs some Afro inspiration since losing her crazy 'do! She's in 18m, btw. We love you!

  3. Not going to lie, we LOVE Sophie the Giraffe - especially when you don't have a finger available to chew on. ;)
    We got good use out of the one we received for free from a shower when I was preggers with Noah.
    Worth it? Yes. For us it totally was. :)
    Also, sad to lose the baby 'hawk. I was totally bummed when Jude lost his 'hawk. But I love his shaggy hair now. And yay for barrettes! (Hopefully she keeps them in!)

  4. V, Lily didn't dislike Sophie, she just didn't like it any more than her other, less expensive teethers