I did this a while back and it was a huge hit, so I figured I would again. Especially because lately, I've been super inspired by much of what I've encountered online through various blogs I follow. Hope you enjoy what I certainly have!
  • David Lebovitz and everything about him! His cook books are ALL on my to-buy list, the fact that he ditched the USA for Paris to learn about real food (much like one of my favourite ladies Julia Child), his recipes for chocolate-covered marshmallows and spiked pink grapefruit sorbet, and I could go on but I did just discover his blog today. I'm sure I have lots more to love along the way.  
  • And while we're on the topic of food blogs, Heidi Swanson at 101 Cookbooks is a delight! I love her unique recipes and her take on healthy eating. She recently released a cook book that I (surprise, surprise) am dying to read/own. For now, I'll be tackling her pea soup recipe this week and let you know how it goes.
  • this article on raising kid you actually like (and the premise that the more time you spend with your kids - hello, stay at home moms! - the more diligent you'll be as a parent about their behaviour and character because you actually have to stand their company :)
  • fabric is so much more affordable in the States. I perused this website yesterday and will be making a trip there very soon.
  • coupons and recipes from here and here (I made my first trip to Whole Foods yesterday and was ASTONISHED. The prices for organic and/or healthier and/or local food was the same price 99% of the time as at the Kroger grocery store! And often even less! Maybe America hasn't got the memo yet about shopping there instead of dreaded Kroger (and others), because it wasn't even very busy around days-end/dinner-time yesterday. Also, side note: I think I was the only person in there not wearing exercise clothing)
that's all for now! You'll notice there's a serious lack of any crafting or sewing inspiration....simply because I don't have my machine or any supplies here so I haven't bothered. Once we find out the sex of baby no. 2 though, my imagination will be whirling, I'm sure (especially if it's a boy!)

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