out of control

this hair...

and speaking of hair, mine is super blonde again! I used to keep on top of highlights and general hair upkeep and then I had a baby... but no more excuses! I was totally inspired by meeting Lauren Chandler, busy mom of three who is also in ministry and has gorgeous locks, while in Chicago, and thought ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I missed my blonde hair and am so happy it's back :D


  1. totally jeal you met Lauren Chandler and you. are. beautiful!

  2. Jess, she was totally lovely. Guys were crowding around Matt at the Gospel Coalition conference and she was just standing there, being beautiful... so I went up and said hello. totally didn't want to be THAT girl (I was kind of laughing at all the guys star struck by Matt Chandler) but I was glad I did. She was so cute and asked me all about my life and ministry and Montreal... plus she actually said thanks for saying hello 'cause at these things sometimes it's lonely being the wife of a big wig :)