Lily eats...

after trying 3 or 4 times with rice cereal, Lily finally swallowed and seemed to grasp that the spoon wasn't a bottle. BIG DAY.
She's having 8oz of formula 3 times a day right now, but her 4th feeding (bedtime feed) at 6ish is only about 4oz (she doesn't seem interested in taking more...) and then she still relies heavily on the 11pm feed before I go to bed. I would LOVE to eliminate that 11pm one, but how?
Well, rice cereal is filling, I'm learning. So if I can just get her to have a bit after her bottle (even if it only is a 4oz one) we could be in business...

Fingers crossed, and open to any feeding tips for 5 month olds!


  1. Anonymous30.1.11

    Go Lily!!! Go Emily and Brad! :)
    Oh and Em, I can tell you what I tried for Nehemiah to drop his late feeding. It might not work for Lil, but why not try eh? We can catch up this week ... ?

  2. Anonymous31.1.11

    hi, emily! thank you so much for popping over to my blog and saying hello. look at your precious baby. precious! and that double layer pumpkin cake thingy from a few posts ago? it looks so delicious. i may have to try my hand at that!

    i'm glad you can relate to being outside of your comfort zone. it's scary but also so rewarding!

  3. Amaris at 6 months was having 4 x 8oz bottles... At 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm. But she was sleeping through the night 8pm-630ish am. She was then adding in food (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and we moved the bottles to 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm "topping off" the meal and going to bed right after the 8pm bottle. Then she slowly phased the bottles out herself. She loved food. A lot. She got rid of the 4pm bottle and we replaced it with a snack, then the breakfast bottle wasn't necessary since she was pleased with food.
    Then the afternoon bottle wasn't necessary and now she rarely even wants her bedtime bottle!

  4. Andie, this is perfect because Lily seems to be on the same sched.... 8oz bottle at the same times, now just to add in the food. do you mean though that you would "top off" with an 8oz bottle? after how much food? seems like a lot...

  5. also encouraged to hear she was at 4 X 8oz bottles at 6 months... Lily's 5 months and I'm getting told by a lot of moms she should already be on rice cereal/food by now and I'm worried I'm not on the right track. I'm trying to bring rice cereal in, but she's very tentative with it still... and no where near replacing a bottle.

  6. To eliminate the 11pm feed, try moving it forward by 15mins for a couple of nights (ex. 10:45pm, then 10:30pm, then 10:15pm etc). Until it's almost coupled with the bedtime feed. Then try dropping it. What Lily will begin to do by the gradual shift is (hopefully) take in more liquid/solid during the day.

    I haven't tried this with M yet. I don't want to as the 11pm feed is my favourite of the day. But I know I will have too soon, so I read up on it.

  7. Thanks for the tip Ash. I've done it as early as 9:30pm, so I guess I could just keep going earlier and earlier, the key would be to stick with it. Like the reason I did 9:30pm one night was because I was just too tired to stay up... but the next night I was back to the norm. I may try 9:30pm tonight and every night this week and see what happens. Though when she wakes just a bit earlier (like 6:30am or 6am) it's THE WORST. Because she's not going to fall back asleep, and we can't sleep through her singing to herself!