Bienvenue, 2011


It's finally here, and I'm SO ready! Was 2010 a good year? Yep. The best I've had, I'd say. In chronological order: we announced our pregnancy, I started sewing, we traveled to Africa, Spain, and France (France being the pinnacle of bliss), Lily Catherine came into our lives, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, my sister and Missy both got engaged, and Brad and I met some really great people to do life with (community.is.so.good). What a year!

But as I write this, I'm full of anticipation for the next year. Some things I'm looking forward to are leading a small group with Brad through our church, finding/buying a house here in downtown Montreal, learning more French, trying for our next baby (hopefully around Spring/Summer), to either Florida or Colorado this summer for several weeks as Brad works on his M.Div, and the weddings of Lisa and Missy (Aug 20th/October 2nd).

Life is good. 2010 was paramount. 2011 will be even better. Why? We'll be more invested in the city we love and we'll have this little thing to keep us company:

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  1. love the many faces of Lily! will need to visit her and you guys of course sometime soon!