4 months in...

Not a lot to say in this e-mail.
Except I LOVE LILY!!!

Man oh man, she is a beauty. We're getting to know her personality more and we're loving it. She has this amazing smile that she flashes when she hasn't seen me or Brad in a while (in the morning, after a nap, etc) that could end world wars. It seems a little flirtatious too, kind of a cheeky smile where she knows you're just as in love with her as she is happy.

Totally smitten.

Milestones for the Lilypad this month are:
  1. bearing lots of weight on her legs (she basically stands on her own as long as we hold her hands)
  2. keeping her head up (she she can sit in her Bumbo happily)
  3. eating 5oz or more per feeding and sleeping through the night
  4. squealing in delight and smiling in response to us and other's smiles
  5. MAYBE teething (drooling a lot and loving touching her gums at all times)
  6. touching everything, especially odd textures like her uncle's lingering Movember stash
Things she's been loving are (but not limited to) being naked, "walking" her across a table with her stick straight legs when she's "standing", receiving a thousand kisses on her belly, when you blow air on her face if she's bundled up, and sleep (unless we're on the road, in which case she likes to wake every 2 hours for no reason at all. yep.)

She's so great, we've set the timeline at this summer (or late Spring) to start trying again!
See The Baby Bump Blog for details :)


  1. oh gosh traveling is the WORST with a baby eh? Jacob is not a good traveler. I can't quite understand it really.

    Jacob likes a lot of the same things! I think baby's should be given as much naked time as possible. In fact I think they should always be naked because they love it so much. Who needs clothing? it's cheaper that way too! ahha

    Will be following the Baby Bump Blog again for sure! :)

  2. Anonymous30.12.10

    YAY!! You are trying again soon!!! I love following your blogs. It makes me so excited for our own family one day. But in the mean time, I'm enjoying watching yours!!

    Katie Robinson

  3. lol thanks Katie! My sister says the same, she's getting married on Lily's first bday!