I didn't think I'd write one.
It was such a personal day for Brad and I
(we didn't even let a single family member or friend come to the hospital!).
But I think that's why I should write this.

Generally people who blog aren't private people. I guess that's true for me too, though sometimes I surprise myself. When it came time to making our birth plan (i.e. the few things you can control in the birthing process get jotted down for the doctor's reference), Brad and I both decided we didn't want anyone there.

Not in the delivery room.
Not in the waiting room.
Not in the recovery room.
Not in the hospital foyer.
Not in the parking lot.
Just us.

It was THE WISEST decision for us. we LOVED our first 2 days with Lily as a family of three and not thirty. It was beautiful, peaceful, private. We dubbed it our "family all-inclusive". And we're going to do it for every subsequent Morrice baby. But I realize since it was just us there, if I don't write it down soon, I'll forget and have no one except Brad to remind me of what happened, so here I go.


I was due to deliver Lily on August 28th. I think just about every person I talked to told me she wouldn't come early. Oh and that I was having a boy. BOOM. I like being right :)

August 19th was a Thursday. I had my weekly checkup with Dr. Hall, but the night before I was having some serious Braxton Hicks contractions. I ended up having them for about 8 hours straight, but I ignored the 1-5-1 rule, because they never got more or less intense and we collectively didn't think it was time. I was glad I didn't go to the hospital to sit in the waiting room for a million hours, but I was also eager to talk to Dr. Hall about them, thinking "I'm SO going early!!!"


So Brad and I headed to the appointment together. He doesn't always come with me, but that day we'd borrowed Andy and Loni's van because we planned on heading to Costco and Ikea after the appointment to get some things for Lily's room. While I was at the doctors, Brad went to get a hair cut. Oh, how we had no idea what was coming!

Dr. Hall said I was still (as I was the last week) dilated 2.5cm and 70% effaced (the baby comes when you're 10cm dilated and 100% effaced FYI). Discouraging. I had these crazy contractions all last night and I'm NO FURTHER than last week?! This lady doesn't know what she's talking about!! Wait a minute. She went to med school. She does know. But I also thought I knew my body. Was I wrong? Probably. But it was worth asking her a few more questions.

She asked If I'd passed my mucous plug. I hadn't thought I had... but she clarified that it can expel in smaller pieces, masquerading as vaginal secretions. BINGO. "I think that happened/has been happening" I said. She said it was possible, but because my water hadn't broke, and the contractions were now gone, I should just sit tight. After all, I'm still a week early, and FIRST BABIES RARELY COME EARLY. hmmmmmmmm. I think I've heard that once or twice.

Discouraged and impatient, I started collecting my things and hopped off the examination table, only to reveal a small puddle where I was sitting! I went next door, still in my gown, to Dr. Hall's office and timidly knocked on her door. "Um, Dr. Hall. Could you come look at this? I think it could mean something." She got out a litmus test sheet and tested the liquid, which OF COURSE turned colour, because it was OF COURSE amniotic fluid, which OF COURSE meant, my water was leaking... which OF COURSE meant I had to get my 38 weeks prego but to the hospital.

So much for IKEA.


  1. Brooke Anderson15.11.10

    I couldn't think of a better place to have my water break/leak than the dr's office! HA and it showed her you DO know your body. What perfect timing. Looking forward to the rest.

  2. Love the full story! I still enjoy the 3am text from Brad saying "She's here! Sorry for the early text"

  3. yay! can't wait to read the rest!!

  4. Emi - I admired you both for your choice and completely understood!! xoxo - but loved your story!!