dinner with a baby on your hip...

making and eating - both tremendously difficult with a baby on your hip (if you're lucky!) or your boob (most probably.)
So I've resorted to far fewer dishes on the stove top and many more in the oven. I can put a pan in the oven with Lily attached to me - however that may be - but I can't so much saute anything in a frying pan nor can I boil a lot of water thinking "what if hot water or grease jumps off the pan/pot and onto the luscious skin of Lily Morrice?!"
I am not willing to risk her baby softness on a meal. No sir.

Enter Pizzas. Several Pizzas. Weekly.
Our new favourite - gourmet BLT Pizza. Aptly named for the fact that you've got a 'B' in spicy pancetta (a bit classier than the average bacon, but would gladly use bacon another day!), your 'L' in chopped basil leaves instead of lettuce (hey, it's green.), and your 'T' in duh, tomatoes. Sauce plus sliced friends on the pizza. Plus onion because well, we put that on everything around here.
Pizza Crust:
  • 3.5 cups flour (at least 1.2 should be white if you want to mix whole wheat in, that's cool)
  • 1/2 ts salt
  • 2.5 tb yeast
  • 1 ts sugar
  • as much hot peppers, ground pepper, and Herbs De Provence as you want.
(whisk together then add 1 1/3 C of tepid water, let double in size under a hand towel - maybe an hour - then roll out and onto a pizza pan that has a healthy layer of corn meal on it - it'll help it not stick!)
  • pizza base is olive oil with spaghetti sauce
  • mozzarella cheese
  • sliced tomatoes
  • 3 onions - red, white, green
  • spicy pancetta sliced in ribbons
  • basil leaves (add these after cooking, they'll warm and even cook a bit on the hot pizza)
500 degrees, 15 min MAX.

easy to make and eat with a baby on your hip!


  1. how do you have time/energy to blog and take pictures with a newborn? wow. Impressed.

  2. Morgan MacNeill13.9.10

    I'm impressed with your photo-taking AND cooking AND holding baby Lily at the same time! Bravo Mrs. Morrice!

  3. Ladies, haven't you noticed?! First blog entry in ages!! But I
    Love blogging so much I put it before other time consuming things luke brushing my teeth and showers ;)

  4. do you have a slow cooker? I use that whenever I work nights i.e no sleep. Prep for like max 15 min and then throw everything in and then 8 hours later you have a decent meal!

  5. its true slow cookers are genius! esp for those chilly fall days ;D