Free Art For All! Part 1: Cityscapes

Finding art that is beautiful and free is pretty much the greatest combination. Public domain works are just that. Recently I had a most enjoyable evening browsing public domain art from a number of museums and it was the most stimulating rabbit hole I can remember. There are millions available though, and the task can seem daunting and too bothersome. I have gathered several that I was especially drawn to here if you'd like to see! Simply click on the image or the caption beneath to be taken directly to the site where you can download it for your own use. Easy peasy :)

I hope to print several in the coming months and pair with thrifted frames for a unique and affordable final touch on my white walls. Stay tuned for tutorials on printing, framing, which ones I choose, and further Free Art For All categories such as still life, portraits, religious art, etc!

Cityscapes or village scenes often draw me in as I am so drawn to life in a big city. I love how these paintings instill a strong sense of place and beautify the every day views of life as you're coming or going, working or playing, simply investing and living. All of these have colours that attract my eye and would fit well in my home, especially neutrals and blues. The majority are painted in and of France, which has such similarities to Montreal. Enjoy!

The Avenue by Jean-Édouard Vuillard

Old Olive Tree by Ernst Schiess

Houses in Bruges by Henri le Sidaner

Le Canal, Neige, Gisors by Henri le Sidaner

Dieppe, La Rue Notre Dame by Walter Richard Sickert

Street in Moret By Alfred Sisley

Place de la Trinite, Paris by Jean-François Rafaelli

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