The Parsonage Living Room!

We've been in our new home, affectionately called The Parsonage (not because it's owned by our church - it's not, but simply because it's where the pastor's family dwells) for a couple of months and it's slowly taking shape. It's come a long way from it's 1905 origins and dilapidated state when we first started work in January 2022. Here are the Before shots to give you an idea!

We replaced the walls, insulating them, added built-in bookshelves, replaced the floors, also leveling the under flooring, re-did the electrical, took down a wall, effectively doubling the living room space, added a fireplace, replaced the lighting, restored the mouldings and baseboards, painted, and moved in. 

Above three photos by Kimberly Archambault 

The built-in bookshelves are such a dream come true! Montreal Shelves (headed up by our contractor) built them to our exact design. The frame TV was a splurge, but as it was our first time every buying a TV we went for it! I love how the cords are all hidden behind the wall and how it can look like a painting whenever we're not using it. 

The fireplace was also a custom job by our contractor. I really wanted a small shelf rather than a mantle and a bench (or hearth) in front of the fireplace. This was my inspiration picture. I love how it turned out! 

The open concept stairs down to the basement also make up a significant part of the living room. White iron and minimal was my goal but I was coming against obstacles everywhere - timing our move for right after the Quebec construction holiday didn't help, but also the materials were very expensive so I had to find a solution. It was Brad and I who designed the stairs, then we had an architect draw up the plans and an engineer confirm that everything was above board. I called a dozen stair makers and installers and after hearing the quotes I knew we had to change something. Instead of wrought iron with a powder coated finish, the railing is metal, painted white with a custom curved railing painted to match. It has the same look I was hoping for but cost a fraction of the presumed cost! I also found a semi-retired stair maker on Google who quoted me drastically less and turned out to be the most reliable craftsmen we worked with on the whole project. Never late, always there when he said, replied to texts in minutes. I'm so thankful we found him!

There are still a few kinks to work out in this room. We haven't painted all the baseboards, nor installed the blinds in one window, and the drapes for the bay window will be re-installed as they weren't the correct measurement or style. We also need to get a small side table for near our couch as right now we have to put our drinks on the floor when we sit there! After everything this room has been through and how far it's come, we can wait a while longer.  

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