My Secret to 90% off New Books

Books are probably the most common thing I buy besides groceries. Brad regularly requires books for work, I'm always looking to add to my collection, and I can't at all keep up with my kids who read way faster than I do (and love to re-read their favourites again and again like their mama). 

Yes, we love the library, but as I said we're re-readers and I'm nostalgic with my favourite books. If I'm not sure if I'll love it or I can tell it's a one-and-done kind of read, I opt to listen to the audio version on Scribd or borrow from the library. But I'm a book buyer through and through. I love paper books in my hands, I want to support the authors and the book industry, and having books around the house makes it feel like home. 

So yes, we buy a lot of books, but I'm going to share my secret with you. I buy a ton of them from The Book Outlet, which is a Canadian online discount store with incredible prices. They sell excess inventory and store returns purchased from various publishers. The books that I buy tend to cost $1-$5! Seriously, that's cheaper than my local thrift stores pricing! 

These books are new and in good reading condition, but 90% off! Here's a link for $5 off your first order of $25 or more. 

I'm about to start the book Midnight Blue, which was only $7 from The Book Outlet, and looks fantastic. It's about a young widow in Holland's Golden Age who escapes to Delft and begins painting  their iconic pottery (Delft Blue - fine china lovers IYKYK), revolutionizing the industry. They have so much historical fiction, which is my favourite genre.

They carry such a range too - I've bought Jamie Oliver cookbooks, Zondervan devotionals, Top Selling biographies and novels... everything! This isn't sponsored or in collaboration, but I had to share as I know many of you love books as much as we do!

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