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I love finding meaningful things to add to my home as décor. Sometimes it's family heirlooms, like my grandma's tea cups, other times it's souvenirs from trips we've taken as a family. Alabaster Bible books are a small and subtle way I decorate with my faith in mind. 

The Alabaster Bible books first caught my eye years ago when they first launched their first four books (the four Gospels). Personally, I find their concept captivating. They make a unique book for each book of the Bible. The Bible books resemble a high quality magazine, like a Kinfolk magazine, let's say. And alongside the enduring Word of God you'll find beautiful photography of people, landscapes, and objects. Each book is so meaningful and lovely to look at. 

I stack them on my mantle and open shelves and rotate which one I have out on our coffee table. Favourites of mine are Romans, the Psalms, the Proverbs, and Esther, because they're also some of my most loved books of the Bible. I love engaging with the Bible in various mediums - audiobook, study Bible, and now, these Bible books. 

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