Family Photos (from Autumn 2020)

This past Autumn we were so blessed to have my friend Camille take our photos. I'm so thankful to have these place markers for our history, to remember what it looked like having kids ages 7, 9, and 10 and how we all appeared the year of 2020. Every year I feel like we stay more or less the same, until I look at our annual family photos and see that so much indeed has happened and we are utterly changed. 

We love this season so much. Our kids are at an incredible stage where they're independent enough to go to the park together without a parent and have become quite helpful around the house, yet still require a tuck in each night and play make believe. It's the best of both worlds and if we could, we'd freeze time. The truth is, every year it gets better as a parent, so I know better than to think it's all down hill from here. We're starting to enjoy the same activities with our kids and the same books and movies. It's wonderful and awe-inspiring to think we're raising our dearest friends. 

Like many of you, 2020 tested our limits as a family. We faced disappointments, felt boredom and loneliness and fear, made due with no child care and online learning, and got even closer than usual in our two-bedroom condo where we spent all of our days, safe at home

We attended Covid funerals and cancelled best laid plans for vacations and the holidays. The family in these photos is not perfect and has failed one another numerous times, but gosh we love each other. And we left 2020 stronger together. 

Thank you Camille for these shots!

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