Oli is 9!

Our darling Oliboy is 9 today! His creativity, curiosity, and care never cease to amaze us. We couldn't have asked for (or even imagined!) a better fit to be the centre of our kid sandwich. He encourages and protects and teaches his sisters so much, and makes our job as parents sweet. No child is perfect, but gosh he's a good egg. 

For his birthday he cared most about the food - so his father's son! He asked for an English breakfast in the morning (sausage and bacon with his eggs), Schwartz smoked meat for lunch, and shrimp tacos tonight for supper. 

For gifts he asked the girls for secondhand books and pistachios with the shell on (he insisted on that as he likes the challenge, lol!), which they happily found and spent their own money on. Seriously, that was his wish list. Easily pleased, brimming with gratitude, always eager for new experiences  and clever beyond his years. So grateful for our boy, and just can't believe he's already 9! 

Big thank you to Boutique Mini-Cycle for the beautiful and durable Fluff Coat that he's wearing here!

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