When Every Moment is Holy

Doing laundry, heading to work, changing diapers, doing house repairs... these are mundane, even grueling aspects of daily life. When you think of everyday tasks such as these, does your heart soar heavenward with brimming hope that God is present and has purpose in this moment? Mine doesn't either. 

I tend to keep my head down in the drudgery, and offer up only stocatto prayers if I run into need. I don't tend to consider the regular moments of life as holy moments, and that's why I have come to use the liturgies in Every Moment Holy daily. 

Part poem and part prayer, liturgies draw the heart in the direction it was made to go - heavenward. Every Moment Holy is a collection of modern liturgies for every imaginable daily moment and I've absolutely loved reading and praying them. ⠀
When I can't sleep, there's a liturgy for that. When you receive dreadful news, there's a liturgy for that. When my kids are off to school, there's a liturgy for that. Why liturgies for such mundane earthly tasks? Because in those Christ is present, which is the most important takeaway from this book for me. Christ is not more present at church, or when you're curled up with a hot tea (or toddy!) reading your Bible, or when you're singing hymns. He's there in the muck and mire of daily life in this fallen world, and that makes every moment beautiful and indeed holy. I can't recommend this book enough. Read it, memorize it, savour it. 

This post was in collaboration with Every Moment Holy,
however it's a book and principal I've loved for a long time.
I strongly recommend it with an unbound heart!
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