Summer Learning Bundle!

By now I know we're all *quite* over distance education, endless zoom calls, and makeshift homeschooling. I've learned so much by homeschooling through a pandemic, but I can't wait to shift to a more relaxed and natural style of teaching my kids through the summer months. 

I've written before about summer learning loss, and teachers assure me (as well as overwhelming research) that kids lose acquired knowledge over the summer months if they aren't mentally stimulated. I discovered this Summer Learning Bundle and wanted to share it with you, as we'll be using it this summer to encourage curiosity and learning. It involves poetry, nature journals, crafts, literacy and math boosting games, and so much more. 

This certainly does not look like homeschooling all summer (can I get a NO THANK YOU!?) but it involves incorporating words, numbers, language, and critical thinking into the relaxing summer days when you can. I have no schedule in the summer - we follow the sun and are often out of the house from breakfast until bedtime, so if you're picturing us around the table studying all summer, trust me that's NOT what I have in mind here! I always pack some books, spare paper and pencils in my backpack when we set out, and I'll definitely be printing a few sheets from the bundle each time.

There are resources from 30 different contributors from all over the world and it's valued at $500, but this week it's going for $25! It's only available for one week so if you're interested make sure you grab it by Sunday, June 21! 

full disclosure: I received a free copy of the Summer Learning Bundle to test out. All opinions are 100% my own.

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