Our Nest Ready for Christmas 2019!

Every year I decorate a bit different from the year before, even though we use all the same decorations, so I figured I'd share another Christmas Home Tour! I really loved our home last Christmas and was planning to do everything the exact same but a few things changed my plan.

First of all, this year we got our first real Christmas tree! We have had years with no tree and years with a tiny Charlie Brown-style fake tree, but never a real tree. Our tiny tree always fit well in our little living room but finding a real tree in the exact size and shape would be tricky and I was already secretly dreaming of a real tree. We visited Jean-Talon market a few weeks ago and I saw the tree lots and was seriously coveting those gorgeous scented trees! They smell amazing and I love the uniqueness of a real tree (fake trees are too perfect!) So we went for it this year and gave our little fake tree to our church, who will use it every year for Christmas decor. 

 We named our real tree Trevor the Tree and the kids have already planned next year's to be named Thea (always using a T name, obviously!) haha! Trevor is a bit larger so couldn't fit in our living room but I love him tucked in the usually-dark corner of our dining nook. The mirror reflects him into the kitchen and our bedroom and we can see his lights from the whole house.

With the tree elsewhere I used the extra space in our living room for our growing Christmas book collection which is at 25 books! I've only ever bought them secondhand and patiently added to our collection for years and our kids love seeing them again every year. 

The overall look is wood, white, with pops of green and red. The red is mainly from our poinsettia which was a gift from our friends from the girl's school. I love it so much I'll have to buy one every December from now on! I love our eclectic bunch of candles on the mantle and our thrifted wooden nutcrackers with the Ikea garland. 

 Every year I love choosing my favourite carol lyrics for our quote board and this year I went with O Holy Night which I've learned this year was actually originally written in French! Minuit, Chretiens is a famous French Christmas carol and was translated to O Holy Night in the late 1800's. In celebrating Advent every December we're preparing our hearts to really grasp the Christmas message, so we sing songs and read scripture and pray prayers to that end every night, or as many nights as we're able. O Holy Night's lyrics capture that desire and anticipation so beautifully,

"Long lay the world, in sin and error pining, 'til he appeared and the soul felt it's worth"

 Decorating a home for five people in 1,000 square feet is definitely a challenge every year! After just a few weeks the added decor can feel like clutter so this year I cut back on decorating a lot. I didn't buy anything new, aside from a few ornaments for the tree, but I gave away a lot to really streamline my style and our possessions. We have a small countdown board in the kitchen and our dining table is Advent-central with our Advent cards from She Reads Truth, our candles (the brass holder was thrifted and I just love it!) and our basket of all of our French and English Bibles which stays there year round. There are some meaningful additions but not a ton.

 Decorating our home for Christmas has become a favourite ritual. I've had years with way more decorations and years without even a tree. My conscience has shifted on the matter but the basic desire to make this season meaningful and Christ-centred has never changed. I find these decorations warm my heart and help add the anticipation I already feel, but you don't need decorations for that! They're merry and bright, but Christ coming to save us is plenty enough to lift our spirits!

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