a Montreal summer (2019)

We're winding down on another glorious Montreal summer and I'm at the same time ready for routine and September and crisp air and a bit of me time (it's been a while!) as well as grieving that our lazy fun soaked days frolicking around our beautiful city without a care in the world are coming to an end.

Days of morning bike rides through the Plateau on our way to tennis, and when we weren't at the local pool we were haunting every nearby splash pad. Days of walking a dozen kilometers when we weren't riding our bikes across the city, and letting that be our justification for regular ice cream shop visits.

Days of discovering new neighbourhoods and packing lunch and not knowing when we'd be home. Days of zoo visits (and using our gifted membership more than I ever thought we could!) and extra time with Brad.

Days where I needed someone to pinch me because Morgan and her family spent all of July living in our neighbourhood and she and I literally spent every day together. Days where six kids and two moms was the norm and we moved in a pack.

Days where we left Montreal for Camp des Bouleaux, a slice of heaven on earth with the dearest families, best teaching, warmest lake, and abundant blessing. Days where we visited family in Wasaga Beach and Fonthill but felt deep down that Montreal would always be home.

These have been the days. It's been wonderful and we won't forget it, but September, give us your best, we're ready.


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