As one of the only Quebec retailers that carries some of my favourite European brands, and often marked down to up to 50% off, Lou Wolf is certainly a must mention in my SHOP QUEBEC series. I first discovered Lou Wolf online, but later learned that it's a local business, based in my own neighbourhood! Run completely from their Plateau Condo, Lou Wolf carries pieces which are not only playful and unique but extremely high quality and ethically made. 

Oli in a Whistle & Flute, Lily in Hugo Loves Tiki, and Clover in Mini Rodini, all from Lou Wolf.

Most of the brands are difficult if not impossible to find in shops in Canada, but I recognize from our trips to Europe. The thing with these admirable brands is that they're often way beyond our budget, but that's why I am especially fond of Lou Wolf - they have insane sales!! Every day in Instagram stories, Lou Wolf posts a few pieces that they'll offer at a deep discount for one day only. We're talking Mini Rodini, Hugo Loves Tiki, Huxbaby; often at almost half their retail value. 

They ship everywhere (I've already had Instagram followers let me know they've ordered from all over the USA), but local shoppers will have their packages delivered by bike messenger. Swoon! Their packaging is eco-friendly too. Check out this fun kid's shop on Instagram and online!

This post was in collaboration with Lou Wolf,
a shop I love for my own children. 
All opinions are 100% my own. 
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