Thrifting Inspo + Some New Friends

As I mentioned in a post last month, I've been keen to make Instagram worth my while and as such have stopped following loads of accounts that either made me feel frustrated, left me playing the comparison game, or didn't spur me on. I'm not saying all of life needs to be this way. In real life, there are hard people we need to love and bear with and stick by. Relationships take work and aren't easy. But this is an app, people. It's supposed to serve us, or it's not worth our time.

courtesy of @kimberly.stavros
I've been a life long thrifter, but I realized I didn't follow many people on Instagram who build their wardrobes and beautify their homes by shopping secondhand. So, last week I set out to find them. By searching a few thrift-centric hashtags I found a truly lovely group of ladies, and in keeping with my idea that Instagram needs to be interactive to be worthwhile, I reached out to all of them! The odd account didn't get back to me, but the vast majority wrote back with enthusiasm and since then we've been messaging one another and enjoying one another's accounts. 

courtesy of @houseonchestnut
I think we need to follow people that encourage and inspire us, but I realized I had been following one too many accounts with designer outfits and high end homes for my liking. This is personal, and you may not be like me, but I do find I'm influenced by the things I see and hear. Following more local and affinity accounts has helped me take back the 'gram in a sense. 

I'm looking for more Montreal accounts, more Canadian accounts, more accounts by women doing hard things, serving God, investing joyfully in their families, getting courageous in the kitchen, reading rich literature, and creating lovely homes from secondhand treasures. Almost no account covers all of these affinities, but any one of these topics is what excites me and makes the app fun again. 

Here are the women I've started following recently in the thrifting category. Check them out! 

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