Plaid for Fall!

Maybe it's my British soul, or my new found love for Harry Potter and his house head, Professor McgGonagall, or maybe plaid is just timeless and has always been perfect for Fall? Either way, I am obsessed with plaid and jumped at the chance to partner with Vero Moda this Autumn to try some of their gorgeous transition coats.

Montreal, and really all of Canada is so diverse in it's weather that it's really tricky to limit outerwear. Even someone like me who has a capsule wardrobe for myself and my kids can easily justify several coats for all the types of weather we experience. I have a jean jacket and a beige trench coat and love both, but come late October, early November, they aren't warm enough. My winter parka is also too warm for these transition months. Vero Moda asked me if I'd like to try a few of their coats this season and I was looking for that exact coat - the one which would take me from late October until just before Christmas, and then again in late February until early April. Those awkward months where a thin jacket won't do and a down-filled coat is over-kill. 

I absolutely love this plaid coat! The rest of my outfit was thrifted - the bright blue denim skirt, braided belt, and ribbed stripe top. I'll be sharing the other choices I made in the following weeks. Thank you, Vero Moda for partnering with me on this series! 

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