Oli is 7 and Harry Potter!

Since Oli's birthday and Halloween are within a couple days of each other, I give you THE BOY WHO LIVED! 

I can't believe our boy has turned seven! I probably say that every year with all of my kids, but we really have seen Oli thrive this past year and seven feels like a big step. He is an awesome boy and our girls are so blessed to have him as the Oreo to their cookie! It's quite amazing to think back to that ultrasound seven years ago when I found out we were having a boy and how disappointed I was. I had always wanted all girls - that was my family growing up and I was frankly terrified of boys. I've never been more thankful for unanswered prayer. 

I thank God regularly for not giving me what I had asked for, what I thought I wanted. Oli is a living example of God's ways being better than our own. And in the end, he's the sweetest, most caring and gentle boy I know. He is still fun and rough and active and he needs way less sleep than his sisters (in short, he's a mini-Brad through and through), but he's not anything close to what I feared when I imagined having boys. He is such a gift and we just love him to pieces! He loves Harry Potter (obviously), robotics, building and creating, swimming, tennis, and giving back rubs. I'm serious! Brad will be working in his office and Oli will sneak up and start rubbing his back, or I'll be washing the dishes and I'll suddenly have a stool behind me and Oli standing atop of it ready to massage. This boy! How did we get so lucky? 

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