Lily is 8!

My first born delight of a daughter is 8 years old today!

Darling darling girl. Our empath, our nurturer, our leader. Who loves nothing more than a bike ride with Dad, baking sesh with Mom, calico critters and playing 'Parents' with Oli and Clover. Who yawns at 6:30pm but has a dream of one day staying up until midnight. Who wants to be a mom more than anything. Who cries ugly tears at reunions with loved ones and chooses very wise role models and looks up to them carefully and continuously. Who joins me at 6am for Bible time before the others are awake and does a terrible British accent. Lily Catherine, we adore you! Happy birthday to the girl who made us a family 🎈🎱

Here she is in her switchy sequin unicorn shirt that she bought with birthday money from my Grandma, 'GaGa' which she called in her thank-you letter, "a dream come true". Oh Lily! We are praying big things for her eighth year, and already seeing God unfold his sweet answers in her beautiful life.

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