Cute Boots + Green Ice Cream

Rain in the summer bothers exactly no one, so you won't find me complaining today. After months of freezing precipitation, a light drizzle of warm water is nothing to cry about, unless I suppose you planned a picnic, and then I agree, it's a shame.

Before I left for Japan I was running errands in a part of town where I rarely visit and came across the cutest ice cream and sweets shop. It was calling for light rain and was otherwise a really warm and lovely day, much like today. Anyway, I pulled on my new Jennifer wellies from Kamik (via Altitude Sports) and a fun thrifted floral dress and I totally felt like Blossom, or maybe someone attending Glastonbury Music Fest in the UK - both looks I'm wholly embracing this year.


I mentioned this last winter when I finally embraced snow pants and the same sentiment applies: dressing for the weather is EVERYTHING. No one likes getting caught in the rain or ruining their new probably white summer kicks, but the girl in wellies is smiling and likely eating ice cream under her umbrella. For most of my adult life I didn't have proper rain boots and when I finally got a pair, the weather wasn't so hard to face anymore. After several years and year round use, my old pair finally quit, so I was glad to grab these Kamiks from Altitude. I love that both Altitude and Kamik are Canadian and even more local than that, Quebec-based companies. Often sourcing local clothing and equipment is costlier, but Kamik boots are actually more affordable than most brands out there!

This sweets shop was seriously the cutest find! The floors! The chairs! The cones! Perfect place to hide out the rain or refuel for some puddle jumping, haha!

Also can I get your opinion on matcha flavoured things? I can't decide! I loved this white chocolate matcha cone but maybe it was mostly the white chocolate I was digging (and the green is so pretty!). After three weeks in Japan I'm more used to the flavour and even enjoy it, but it was slow going and is definitely an acquired taste.

Don't let the rain get you down today! Grab some boots and a cone and embrace away :)

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