Nouveau Rivage (aka Basket Heaven!)

You guys know I love baskets! Every room of my house (literally) has several of them, but especially for my kid's room I love using baskets for storage. I love the natural look and feel of them and added texture that they bring to any room. Especially as I lean towards a more white modern decor, I love the warmth they bring! They're just the best!

Today I wanted to introduce you to Nouveau Rivage, a small Montreal company that sells gorgeous basket bags for you and your littles (as well as various lovely home decor objects, but you know me and baskets...) Twinning beach baskets is my dream come true, and they made it happen for this trip to Japan! These baskets are beautiful and can work as a tote for your groceries or beach towels or even as home decor. They're so versatile! 


Also we need to talk about tassels. Nouveau Rivage sells them for only $3.50!!

They add such a fun pop of colour to anything. My initial instinct, as in most decor decisions, was to go white or beige, but I think I like the bold yellow and deep fuchsia when paired with the natural fibers of the basket. Which one would you choose!? Such a steal... I might just buy every colour and make a garland out of them...


Brad jokes that every time I leave the house to go thrifting or shopping I come home with a basket of some kind. #accurate. I encourage you to check out Nouveau Rivage for their gorgeous basket totes, and sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off, too!

this post was in collaboration with Nouveau Rivage
a company I'm proud to share and support. 
All opinions are 100% my own. 
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