For mélange posts from now on, not only am I going to be sharing articles, thoughts, and items I've been loving lately, but also a few girls on Instagram that I've found recently and enjoyed. For this week, I wanted to share Laura-Anne from @all.thats.pretty. Her grid isn't one that I'm particularly drawn to, but a friend and fellow Royal-lover told me to go watch her stories, and suddenly I was hooked. She's met Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle and lives in Northern Ireland with her small family. I love her cozy home, her silly nature, and ok, her accent! Her stories are just so hilarious. Her husband and two sons are surrounded by floral everything (which she calls Floral Guff) and she makes me want to visit Ireland big time. Now, onto some links!
via Little Green Notebook
  • This 3 piece outfit is basically my exact uniform as of last Fall. It's all I wore in London (except with my Stan Smiths instead of loafers), and all I plan to wear as soon as this Spring weather isn't so darn cold. 
  • LOL. Every church needs this
  • I'm really into Green Bowls for lunches. It's great fixing everything in advance and tossing it together each day for a quick and healthy lunch. 
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  • Our kids have never been exposed to contact sports in person, but have watched hockey games. Worth considering: would you let your children play contact sports? This article gives a strong opinion against tackle football for children. 
  • Being a cold Spring, I had to laugh at this.
  • I'm listening to this book on Audible and am absolutely enthralled. Also it's my first time listening to a full book, and I must say, I'm into it. I still prefer to cozy up on the couch with a real book, but I love that I can listen to an incredible story while folding laundry, doing groceries, picking up the kids, etc. The first month is free on Audible (1 book per month), so this one was free, but I think I'll keep it for Japan next month so I don't need to lug several books along with me.
via Travel Through Text
 Just a few links, thoughts, and pieces I've loved lately that I wanted to share. Hope you've enjoyed! What are you reading or loving online lately?


  1. Anonymous11.4.18

    Our kids go to F.A.C.E and the buses stop after grade 3 (although now they cut the buses altogether :( ), so kids age 10 take the metro/bus.

  2. I have been listening to downloadable audiobooks from our library here in Ottawa - it's awesome! Perhaps you could see if Montreal has the same option?

  3. thanks for linking me! would love to send you an adventure book if you're interested. DM your address on instagram!