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My name is Julia Flowers from Julia & Child. I am a stay at home momma to a very spunky 3 year old Nova and we live Chicago, Illinois. Before becoming a mom and food blogger I sold wine to restaurants and wine shops and started a small catering business in my kitchen. I've always had a love of food and entertaining and more recently found my passion for teaching others how to cook on Instagram stories where 3-4 nights a week I cook step by step through a weekly meal plan that I post on the blog. It's been a lot of fun and what actually got me to start the blog this January. 

Like most families that live with substantial seasonal weather fluctuations our day to day shifts with the season and what we are able to do inside or out. Chicago winters are long and cold and so you really have to get creative or you will go stir crazy especially through the toddler stages. Our winter rhythm has gone something like this...

6:20 am I like to wake up at least a half hour but ideally an hour before Nova wakes up. I've been a morning person most of my adult life but I'm also an introvert and just need some quality me time before the day begins. The past couple of months my goal is to drink two large glasses of water before I drink my coffee or tea and most days this happens. I've noticed how much better I feel overall when I keep this habit. I either make a Bulletproof Coffee or Matcha latte depending on my mood that morning. With coffee in hand I also like to start my day in prayer and some scripture reading. I follow the Book of Common Prayer which guides my daily readings and devotions. 

6:45-7 am Nova wakes up! It's always with a boisterous "Moooooooommm I'm awake!" She usually wants something to eat right off the bat like a banana or some rice cakes with butter. She either runs to her play room paw patrol pups in hand or asks to watch a show. Even though I'm a morning person I like to ease into the day so I don't mind having her watch a show. 

9 am About this time I'm typically ready for some breakfast and that's either some reworked leftovers or eggs and greens. Nova likes eggs and gluten free toast or some yogurt with granola. 

10 am This is a pretty typical time for us to leave the house where we are off to meet up with other mom friends at someones apartment, coffee shop, indoor play space or indoor park district event. We also love love love our conservatories. If all else fails you can find us soaking up all the green plants and humidity that we can possibly muster.     

12:30 pm It's either lunch at home or lunch at the grocery store because I shop twice a week around this time. 

1:30-2:pm Nova takes a nap or has quiet time in her room. At this point she still naps on most days which I am super thankful for. I use this time to clean,read, catch up on podcasts, recipe develop, or cook and film dinner.  I also tend to have a cup a tea at some point. 

4 pm Nova is up or done with quiet time and she's ready for a snack and some play time. If I didn't start dinner early I will usually start around 4 and she'll play in the kitchen while I cook. She does enjoy helping on most nights but doesn't always eat exactly what I'm making. I like to take out the components that I know she'll eat but overall I cook the food I want to eat. Her tastes have ranged from eating everything to super picky to eating more variety as of late. 

5:-5:30pm I know, we eat early compared to most! 

7:30-8 pm Bedtime falls between this time with a typical routine of a bath every other night, bedtime stories, prayers and a song. 

My evening routine varies but I try and get in bed at 10 and lights out by 10:30. In the winter months I really enjoy taking baths with epsom salts and essential oils like lavender or cedar wood. And I try and remember to face mask at least once a week. This past summer I took the phone out of my room and got an old fashioned alarm clock so that I wasn't going to sleep and waking up first thing to a screen. It's been the best way for me to end the day with a book and not endlessly scrolling. I am so thankful for these days at home together. They have stretched me and taught me so much about life and the work of love that each of us is called to live. These are the days! 

Thanks so much Julia!
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