Hey friends! I have had so many links I've wanted to share with you lately but am just sitting down to crank out a post. Blogging is a tough gig to find time for! I love Instagram because it's so much more immediate, but I still absolutely love reading blogs and writing my own, so here we are :)

I hope you find these links useful, helpful, and inspiring, as I did!
  •  My friend Alison always gets it right when she opens up about how small space living works for her family. Here she shares how to say no to holiday gifts that will take up space, and other options instead.
  • Grieving with hope. This year, we walked through unimaginable heartbreak with dear friends of ours, and I found this to be so true for them and anyone who grieved alongside them. 
  • I love Ana's modern porch renovation! We live on the second floor of a triplex, but if I ever lived on the main floor or were able to conduct a reno of my dreams, the porch would be pretty darn exact. 

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  1. Anonymous15.11.17

    I love Sally Clarkson as well! Love this post :-)