Hey friends! Is it Fall or summer!? Every day I change my mind. One minute I'm slathering on the SPF and the next I'm baking apple crumble. But I'm cool with it! What's been inspiring you on the interwebs lately? Here are a few articles I loved over the past couple of weeks:
  • This article really made me want to start a dinner club. Have you ever been part of one? It sounds perfect!
  • I've followed Ashley-Anne's blog for my entire married life, and I followed their adoption journey with interest for the past six years. I loved reading her update on her daughter, 5 years after bringing her home. 
  • Isn't this cake beautiful?  I need to make it stat... maybe for Chloe's birthday next week!

  • Every family has their unique rules. Don't think so? Just spend a week with another family and you'll realize! Mother Mag just posted five mom's 'family rules' and I loved reading them!
  • Recently we tried Good Food's meal subscription service because we had a coupon code, and honestly I loved it! I love cooking, so while getting take-out once in a while is a treat, I wouldn't want that daily, or even weekly. But Good Food brought back the fun in cooking and took away all the annoying parts (grocery shopping, meal planning). I'm a big fan, and this is not sponsored! I do have a coupon code to share though, if you'd like to give it a try! You'll get $40 off your first order, and I'll get $25 off my next one - win win :)
  • This drink looks so incredible! Anything with lavender grabs my attention, though I think it would need gin...

  • I have readers often ask me about the differences between being a Protestant and being a Catholic. Especially being a Protestant pastor's wife in Montreal, which has heavy Catholic roots, I am always researching to have the most helpful answers. Here is a great audio recording by an expert in the area, who was also a professor of Brad and I's when we took seminary classes in our newlywed days. 
  • I've been making this carrot cake recipe with zucchini on repeat for my kid's lunches! I'll post my altered recipe soon, but if you're in the mood for carrot cake, try this one!
  • I'm so in love with every decor decision The Faux Martha has ever made. Seriously, from her back yard to her fire place, I would copy it all in a heartbeat if we were ever in a place to renovate a home. See what I mean?

Have a great weekend!

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