Did you find out your baby's gender by ultrasound, or on their birthday?

For all three of our pregnancies, we always found out the baby's gender at the 20-week ultrasound. I could never wait until the birth!

It was always an amazing surprise to find out the sex, even if it was at 20 weeks along, and not on the delivery table. For us, we found out at the ultrasound for several reasons. Firstly, my first trimesters were always brutal. I was sick all day, every day. It felt like the best reward ever to find out what we were having after such a rough few months. It also helped me organize and plan, my favourite pastimes (Monica Geller, present!), but mostly, it made Brad and I both feel more connected to the little life growing inside of me.

Knowing the gender made it all so much more real. After finding out the gender, we knew what we were calling baby, and started to imagine our future with him/her in less vague terms. When Brad found out we were having a girl he was a little nervous at first, for example. But after a few hours, he was picturing himself one day walking her down the aisle at her wedding. I, on the other hand, was terrified of having a boy. I needed those few months to get used to the idea after Oli's ultrasound. I was especially glad I found out early with him, because his labour was the most difficult (the epidural didn't work!), and I'm not sure how I would have taken the shock that he was a boy after all of it.

What about you? Do you find out early or wait until baby's birth day? It's about 50/50, I'm told, but I'd love to hear your reasoning either way! Also, digging out these photos was a crazy experience. It's hard to believe I'm done with those years of baby making, birthing, and raising. But these kid years are pretty wonderful, too :)


  1. We haven't found out the gender for our kiddos and don't plan to for any future babies! I love the surprise, I have always felt that by the time we reach the halfway point there is such a short amount of time left until they are born that I love the surprise! With our first I didn't want to find out largely because I didn't want super gender specific clothing and toys (small space living meant I wanted everything to work for either gender!), and we loved the surprise so much with Finn that we waited with Atticus too. It is also incredible labour motivation haha!

  2. We found out with our first little one and now I'm not sure what we will do for number two! I enjoyed knowing it was a boy (and needed some time to adjust after dreaming of a little daughter!) but part of me thinks it might be fun to be surprised next time around.

  3. We didn't find out with our first for the same reason above that we wanted everything gender neutral. We had a girl, and we've found out with our next two (due in 1 week) and we're on our third girl!! Lord willing if we have a 4th, we won't find out. We have found sooooooo many people ask us when they hear we're having a third girl, 'so you're going for a fourth for a boy!?' It's really bothered me this pregnancy especially since I haven't even delivered our third!! We're not in the business for making a heir to our name we're just happy to have healthy babies and plan to raise some strong godly women.

    1. I'm on the opposite side with 4 boys. People just have this dumb idea that if you don't have one of each gender, that your family isn't "perfect" or "complete". And that somehow you're missing out. Which is completely ridiculous, of course! Hang in there! Your family is exactly as it is meant to be. ❤️

  4. Anonymous10.8.17

    We just have one child but we didn't find out until she was born. We had gender neutral newborn clothes, but I had picked up a little newborn girl's outfit, just in case.
    Right after I delivered her, I looked down and exclaimed, "It's a girl!" The midwife and my husband hadn't noticed yet. It felt really special to me to have been the one to notice first that she was a girl and to let the others know. We were actually convinced that we were having a boy, so that made for a wonderful surprise for me, especially after 38 hours of natural labour!
    I loved the surprise and if we're able to have another baby, I think we'll wait again to find out.

  5. I liked knowing the gender of my babies because I was able to talk to them while they were in the womb, get things ready for them, and I feel like it was a good way of preparation. Also, since the second was the same gender as the first, it was easier for me to just not worry about getting new stuff, but using the same things (clothes wise and such). Everything went to great use!

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