6, 5, 3!

I love this age and I love this season. Right now our kids are 6, 5, and 3, but they all will celebrate birthdays in a few months (August, September, and October) so I know this is fleeting and I just wanted to capture them. Freezing time isn't an option, but thank goodness our phones have cameras, amen?

Lily and Oli have become ferocious readers this summer. Lily is reading beginners chapter books in English and French and Oli is at the same level for English reading. Reading and swimming make up most of our days right now. We visit Parc Laurier pool twice a day most days!

All of this constant time together has been amazing for their relationship as a sibling unit. They've already been pretty tight, but in summertime, they're inseparable.  One of my favourite authors suggests that the best way to curb sibling rivalry and arguing is constant time TOGETHER and I have to say, I agree. We haven't had one single play date yet this summer, and they've never been closer. I'm seeing changes in my own character too. Things that might usually bother me, or make me excessively tired and frustrated aren't as powerful anymore. Being with all three of them every day has began to flex my patience muscle that has been a bit out of shape since the older two began school. Parenting is never easy, but with Lily and Oli at school for six hours a day, I haven't had to be all hands on deck with all three for a very long length of time in a full year. Now, I have all the practice I could ever want, and practice yields progress. I have a long way to go, but I love seeing how these little ones are working on my soul.

I love seeing Lily teach Oli and Chloe French, seeing Oli help Lily with English reading, and seeing Chloe crack everybody up. They are each so unique but together they form such a fun gaggle. Soon we leave for Europe and we'll be even tighter as a unit - we won't know a single person outside of our family! July has been sweet so far, and we are a thankful bunch.


  1. I never thought about that. . .the fact that if siblings are around one another all the time they get along better usually. People always comment about how much my sons seem to care for one another and how they get along. . .I suppose it does have a bit of them being together all the time. Your kids are so cool and I love seeing how close they seem to be too!

    1. aw, thanks so much! hope you have a great summer Victoria!

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  3. Your kids are so cool and I love seeing how close they seem to be too!

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