55 Piece Wardrobe + Save $30 on Frank & Oak's Style Plan!

Credit: Rachel Cheng

After slimming down my wardrobe last week, I gave away 13 tops, a skirt, and a dress. Organizing and purging things I no longer need has become a favourite hobby, and it always leaves me feeling so good. I whittled my wardrobe down to 55 pieces. Here's what I'm down to after the great purge, and for the record, I know, it's still a lot. We do live in an abundant time and place in history, but everything I kept I do wear regularly and many of these items I've had for years and were ethically sourced. I haven't included formal wear, lounge wear, pj's, swimwear, etc.


3 graphic tees
6 solid colour tees 
3 striped tees
4 muscle tanks
2 nicer tees with details
2 long sleeve tees
9 blouses/tops (sleeveless, short sleeved, etc)
3 button up shirts (1 chambray, 2 plaid) 
5 sweaters
total: 37

3 jean skirts (blue, black, grey)
3 dresses (black, jean, striped)
6 jeans (2 black, 1 grey, 3 blue)
6 jean shorts (white, black, 2 blue, + black overalls)
total: 18

While I was trying on all of my shirts (thanks to my helpful audience who were watching my stories that night!) and deciding which ones to keep, I realized that now almost all of my basic tees and tanks are from Frank & Oak. They make a great tee. The sleeves are the perfect length, the V neck aren't too deep, the material, silky soft.

Credit: Rachel Cheng

I recently partnered with Frank & Oak to test drive their new Style Plan, which is a genius monthly or bi-monthly service that helps you shop and gives you great discounts on their best styles. If nothing speaks to you that month, you skip the month, no questions asked. If you decide to buy, you get a discount on everything. Cool, right? What's better, they've let me share the love with all of you  - use this code and get $30 off your first month of Frank & Oak's Style Plan!

Credit: Rachel Cheng

For this collaboration, I chose their 90's high waisted black shorts and the striped muscle tank. My tank is XS and my shorts are a 28. I'm normally a larger size for tanks and tops and my pants can range from 27-29, so I ordered a few sizes to be sure. Returns are always free and they are so lovely and helpful if you need to send something back. That is so important to me with online shopping!

Try out Frank & Oak's Style Plan and get $30 off with this link!

Photography by Rachel Cheng
This post was written in collaboration with Frank & Oak,
a company I have supported and loved for years.
To book a collab, contact me!  

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  1. Ana Alves21.7.17

    I love that you list exactly the amount of items that you have kept in your wardrobe. I have been away from home in Europe for three and a half months and I am so surprised by how little clothing I actually need, when I get home I am clearing out my wardrobe. I have also kept in mind the list that you posted on how many clothing items you have for each of your kids, it's just what I was looking for. I currently have a list of clothing that I need to get for my daughter and the numbers for each item, as I buy them I remove the item from the list that I keep on my cellphone, super handy. Have a lovely time in Europe.