The ONLY Cocktail You Need All Summer Long!

You guys, this drink is just so delicious. It's not too sweet, not too strong, and not too plain. It's flavourful, fun, and filling. Basically, it's all you'll want to drink all summer long. You can also make an alcohol-free version for the kids and a smoothie version for breakfast. I told you it's the only drink recipe you'll need!

You only need 3 ingredients! Frozen pineapple, pint, and your favourite white wine. First, blend 1-2 cups of mint leaves until well pureed. I love the Ninja Blender because it's super strong and way more affordable than the Vitamix! Add some white wine to help the blending if you need to. Then add 2 cups frozen pineapple with as much wine as you like. Sorry it's not more detailed, but it's a summer drink after all - just go with it.

For the Alcohol-free version, swap in coconut water for white wine!

For smoothie version, add a scoop of protein powder in with your alcohol-free version!

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