picnic season!

The kids are officially done school and summer is HERE! It feels so good to be free from packing lunches, rushing out the door, and evening homework. I don't know who's happier, the kids, or me - seriously!

One of my favourite parts of summer is staying out extra late, eating dinner at the park with friends, and the extended hours of sunlight. Basically, picnic season. Last week the day we got back from Charlevoix we met with a bunch of friends at Parc Laurier for a potluck picnic. Empty fridge + hungry kids plus + beautiful weather = we had to!

The other day I had been out biking with the kids all day and I knew Brad would be up crazy late working on his sermon, so I thought a quite bite in the park would be just the perfect treat for us all. I've told you guys a few times now about how much I love Foodora because they just make it so easy! We were literally walking down St. Laurent and I was on the app finding a restaurant close by that we could pick up from. I never knew which restaurants to pick (there are so many!),  or which ones are within our budget and tastes, so Foodora is so key. I logged on, picked a place (within 100 metres of where we were!) and within 20 minutes we were at nearby Park Lahaie enjoying some appetizers from Sel Gras.

We also recently tried Taqueria Arturo, which I would never have even known about if not for my pals at Foodora. There are just too many great restos in this city (cue paralysis of choice!) so I love the filters and help of the team over at Foodora.  Get $10 off your next order for your next picnic with the link on the left column of my blog (for those of you reading in Blog Lovin' or Feredly, you'll have to head over to the site!).

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