picnic season!

The kids are officially done school and summer is HERE! It feels so good to be free from packing lunches, rushing out the door, and evening homework. I don't know who's happier, the kids, or me - seriously!

One of my favourite parts of summer is staying out extra late, eating dinner at the park with friends, and the extended hours of sunlight. Basically, picnic season. Last week the day we got back from Charlevoix we met with a bunch of friends at Parc Laurier for a picnic. Empty fridge + hungry kids plus + beautiful weather = we had to! As you guys saw in my stories, we grabbed some Pizza Pizza and tried their new Sriracha chicken pizza and a few other things and it totally hit the spot!

We've also taken to picking up a small appetizer here or there when we're out and enjoying it at the park. Oh the joys of summer!! We don't always order in or grab food to-go, of course, but summer seems like the perfect time to leave the stove off and grab pizza with friends :)

***thanks Pizza Pizza for collaborating on this post!

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