$1 croissants in Montreal tomorrow!

Basically tomorrow is Christmas part II in Montreal. Bakeries all over the city are offering hot flaky croissants for $1 a piece!

Tomorrow is the beautiful day. La Fête du Croissant will be this Saturday, May 6th.
The full list of participating bakeries can be found HERE, but I'll save you the leg work for Le Plateau Mont-Royal (my hood!)

  • Le P'Tit Atelier (31 Rachel)
  • Fous Desserts (809 Laurier Est)
  • Brioche à Tête (107 Fairmont) ***best croissant in Montreal IMO
  • Les Co'pains d'Abord (418 Rachel Est)  
  • Pâtisserie Les 3M   (1459 Ave Mont-Royal Est)
  • Marius et Fanny (4439 St-Denis)
  • Gascogne (237 Laurier Ouest)
  • Crémy Pâtisserie (2202 Ave Mont-Royal Est)
  • Le Fromentier (1375 Laurier Est)

We have early morning swimming lessons, so Oli and I will be coming home with a big bag of hot croissants for the family (from the best of the best, Brioche à Tête). Then later in the afternoon, we'll probably go out for round two at Fous Desserts, just like last year. Hope you get a chance to try a few croissants tomorrow! Tell me which one you like best!

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