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Hi friends! I am Marcella, known on the web as Modest Marce. I am the photographer, recipe developer & stylist behind the lifestyle blog Hey Modest Marce (www.heymodestmarce.com). 

I recently moved from the City of Toronto, to the small town of Fonthill, Ontario. I made the decision to leave behind the hustle & bustle of the city for a more slower & relaxing life in the beautiful Niagara Region. A place where I could focus full time on my work & spend all day developing recipes in a kitchen I could truly call my own. 

My weekday begins around 9 am. My partner Justin, leaves for work at 8 am & my dog Buddy Holly (Pomeranian x Chihuahua) hops into the bed just as he heads out the door. We relax for an hour before getting up & starting our day. The first thing I do once I take the dog out is brew a large cup of green tea (or a Nespresso, or sometimes both!), have a glass of almond milk & a bowl of fresh fruit. I then head into my home office where I spend from 9am to 12pm responding to e-mails, writing blog post & posting updates to my social media accounts. Once noon hits, I have a quick lunch & begin getting my shoots ready for the day. I usually try to stick to one recipe photoshoot per day between my blog photography & my freelance photography. If I need any additional ingredients, I will take a quick walk to the market to pick up everything necessary. I live steps away from the "town" so this makes getting around on foot very easy. I try to eliminate how much driving I do so I can get the same amount of exercise I did living in the city, walking 10 km a day. 

Once I have everything I need to shoot, I decide on backdrops, props & composition followed by baking & styling the dish! Depending on what the recipe is that day, each photoshoot takes between one & three hours. Once I am done photographing everything I clean up the (big) mess I just made & head back into my office to edit my images. This usually takes me until 4 pm. Once everything is finished for the day, I take Buddy Holly for a walk around the neighbourhood before Justin gets home from work at 5 pm.

Once Justin gets back from work, we cook dinner together. Usually sometime simple like roast chicken & potatoes or barbecued pork. Dinner is followed by taking Buddy Holly out for a second walk, then spending the rest of the night relaxing. If work is really busy, I spend an hour before bed answering any additional e-mails that have come my way. If not, I spend hours catching up on any HGTV shows I missed. I can't get enough of Masters of Flip!

This tends to be my routine from Monday to Friday, but weekends can go either way. I either spend all weekend shooting or I try to take the days off to focus on other aspects of life. Right now, our weekends seem to be full of decorating the interior of our house. Once the weather warms up, the outside is going to keep us even busier.

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