spring cleaning tips!

As a minimalist family, I feel like we're spring cleaning all year round. Not that our house is always clean, but we're often purging and refreshing our small space to make sure the things in our home are used and appreciated regularly. I love intentionally going through my home, cleaning up clutter, finding a new joy in objects I'd forgotten about, and clearing out things that no longer work for us. With Spring just around the corner (17 more days!!) I've partnered with Attitude to share a few of my spring cleaning tips.

1. Sort cold-weather clothes

As the winter season winds down, by now you should have a good idea of which cold weather clothes you wore and loved this year, and which ones were hardly worn. I always wait until the end of the season to sort clothes, because some items may surprise you and become favourites. I pack away Lily and Oli's clothes for Chloe to wear in the future, and donate Chloe's old pieces, or sell them on my Instagram shop. For mine and Brads, I usually host a stuff swap with friends first, let them have a go at our old things, and donate what remains.

2. Pretend you're moving!

There are always those objects that somehow survive home purges even though you rarely use them and definitely aren't in love with them. It's hard to be cut throat when there's nothing stopping you from storing these rarely-used and under-loved items. Unless you have the mentality that you're moving! We aren't moving this year, but we are planning to next summer, and already it's helped me discern what to keep and what to toss. Am I willing to move this to our next place? That really motivates purging with a critical eye.

3. Embrace the deep clean

It's a lot more work, and doesn't have to be on your weekly cleaning list, but a deep clean is essential a few times a year. Spring cleaning for us includes moving the couch, and cleaning the floor beneath (aka the small toy grave yard). We also store a ton of things under our bed and it gets so dusty under there! Usually I just look the other way, but for Spring cleaning I like to take everything out, vacuum up the dust, and clean with an all-purpose cleaner.

4. Refresh your decor

I love change and living in a small space means I get bored of the same style pretty quick. At the end of each season I usually switch around a few items, adding art or plants to new surfaces.  I can't keep plants alive to save my life so I stick to succulents! Books are also a great, free way to decorate. Vintage copies from thrift stores, or straight from your own collection add colour and interest to freshen up a space.

Attitude has a new line for sensitive skin, designed for babies and families, which is perfect for this time of year when our hands are all so dry from the cold weather. I love the natural ingredients in all Attitude products and have been using their household cleaning supplies for years. Check out their whole line here!

This post was in collaboration with Attitude, a company I've loved for years.
To book a collab, contact me.  Images 1-3 by Rachel Cheng Photography.

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