skating on the outdoor rink

Last month Brad took Lily and Oli out on our neighbourhood rink and taught them to skate! I learned to skate on a frozen pond called Mountie Camp holding onto my dad's hockey stick. Doesn't get more Canadian than that! Since then they've been every week, sometimes twice a week, and especially Oli is really into it.

Lily may or may not be my exact clone so she's a bit averse to things that are a) cold and b) painful, so it's not as much her thing. But Oli is obsessed! Which is so fun because Brad is a lifetime hockey player and still plays in a league once a week and loves to get out on the ice on his day off, too.


I wrote a post on Altitude Sport's site about teaching kids to skate and what we've learned this month. Give is a read if you like!


Oli's Coat + Snowpants: Marmot c/o Altitude Sports

Thanks Altitude for sponsoring this post!

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