hiding till Spring

The past 8 weeks have been tough. City living in the winter definitely has it's challenges. We don't have a parking spot (and of course, no garage) so we park on the street like most of our neighbours, but that gets really tricky when the snow plows leave huge mountains for us to cross over, or frozen ice surrounding ones vehicle.There have definitely been days where I've gone to drive Oli to school (his school is only 1km away, but on cold days, we drive) and I literally couldn't get the car out of the ice, so he stayed home!

We've spent a lot of sunny Saturdays inside because the light by the window is a lot more pleasant than the light outside which also has the fierce wind and icy sidewalks to compete with. I love getting out, but this winter I've been a big baby, honestly. Spring is beginning to creep in and I can't wait to get out with my crew for long walks, bike rides, hiking at Mont-Royal, park hangs, and eventually the pool every.single.day.

I love these pictures of the kids enjoying their shared bedroom in the winter sun. It reminds me that even the annoying cold has a warm cozy lining, and like in most things in life, there's good with the hard. 

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