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Hello! I'm Erin and I live in Raleigh, NC with my husband, 2 kids (Wyatt, almost 5, and Zora, almost 1) and my boston terrier, Mollie. My husband works in software and I work (from home) in marketing as a graphic designer.

A typical day in my life is not very exciting, but I'm very lucky and grateful for health, happiness and my family.

I've recently started swimming at a local pool on some mornings and I love it! Its usually me and a couple of senior citizens swimming up a storm in the quiet of the morning. When I get home, I get the kids dressed and feed them breakfast before my husband takes them to pre-school for the day.

I start my day with coffee from the french press b/c (in my opinion) its the best! Sometimes I take a shower but sometimes I wait until lunch (lol). I like to spend a couple of minutes watching the Today Show as I sip my coffee. Then, its time to work. I am a designer so I spend my days working on all different types of projects including logos, web design, marketing collateral and mood boards. I've been doing it for many years and I enjoy it. You will also find my little furry sidekick hanging with me in my office most days. She keeps me company :)

I usually have lunch at home and make it myself. I like to read or watch some Netflix during this time.

I'm back to designing in the afternoon and sometimes i'll take an afternoon break on the couch to read or catch up on a favorite blog. Mollie is always by my side.

I go and pick up my kids in the early evening and they get in a bit of playtime before we have dinner. They are at the age where they want to be wherever we are and I just love that. My little Zora is always at my feet if not in my arms and my Wyatt loves solving puzzles and playing with his legos.

We have dinner and its usually very simple on the week nights. My husband loves to use his new grill when the weather is nice (it usually is in NC even in the winter for the most part). After dinner and clean up, the kids get a bath and then we read them stories. They love books! Both my kids are good sleepers (it took a while with my son though!) so they go to bed and stay there most nights!

Once everyone is asleep, my husband and I (with Mollie of course) usually settle in for some chill time on the couch with Netflix and I'm passed out by 10. Good day, good night!

See, I told you - exciting stuff!

Thanks so much for sharing Erin!
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