what's your holiday decorating style?

This year we decorated for Christmas during the last week of November, so things have been festive for quite a while now! I feel like after eight years spending Christmas in our home together, I've finally figured out what my personal holiday style is, and reconciled it with my husband's desires, our budget, our convictions and the size of our home.

Things I'm loving:
  • Fresh pine boughs from Mont-Royal or purchased at the market, in mason jars, everywhere.
  • Fragrance-free candle sticks glowing all evening in thrifted brass holders.
  • Vintage Nativity sets - especially theologically incorrect versions that have the Three Kings visiting Jesus at birth in the manger (and our set is totally this one, with the tri-racial kings).
  • Nature's colour scheme, aka green + neutrals
  • Kid's artwork and baskets of kid's Christmas books for Advent
  • Sufjan Stevens, Folk Angel, Heck Ya The Halls, and Page CXVI Christmas songs on repeat
  • Textures - smooth metals like brass and black iron, chunky knits, rough weaved baskets
Basically everything Scandinavian-inspired, and all that you'll see below (sources can all be found here):

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