weekend mélange

This will be my last Mélange post of 2016! Dramatic much? Don't get too excited, everything we do in the next couple of weeks can possibly fall into the category of "last time this year!". But it's fun all the same :) Here's some great links for you... possibly the best links you'll read in 2016!? Who can know.
  • Baby It's Cold Outside rewritten to not be a sexist song ignoring consent. YES.
  • Why Christmas is the antidote to FOMO. Loved this.
  • We are giving the older two their first pairs of hockey skates this Christmas, and can't wait for them to learn! Hockey is so integrated in the culture here in Montreal (slash all of Canada), and I'm so excited for them. Naturally, this made me smile.
  • One of my most popular posts this year was just last week, on Why We Don't Do Santa. I've loved hearing feedback from a variety of diverse sources and am always thankful when people take the time (I know it's so not what we do these days!) to comment. Do you celebrate Christmas with Santa?
  • Grace should make you gritty.
  • This Brookyln apartment is such a show stopper, although I think I'll always be a white walls forever kind of homeowner...
 See you in 2017!

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