weekend mélange

Happy weekend! Today's actually crazy for us with swimming lessons, followed by a trip to the Biodome with the other families from our church, and then a birthday party. And tonight I'm off to (finally!) see Bridget Jones' Baby at the Dollar Cinema with friends.So at least for me, it's not much of a day for leisurely reading, but if you're looking for some curated links to start your weekend off well, look no further!
  • 18 gifts for kids that aren't toys (yes!!)
  • I could never get into Gilmore Girls the first time around. Who talks that fast?! So with the recent hype of the Netflix re-launch I loved what this article had to say: 
    "Rory has never been all that good of a person, but that fact was shielded in the original series with witty repartee, college acceptance letters, and big, big stacks of books." Worth a read for GG fans and skeptics like me!
  • Just in time for the holidays: Witty responses to prying questions from nosy people.
source: Apartment Therapy

  • This was a cathartic read that I could relate to completely. Though I've never blogged about it, 14 years ago, I too had a breast reduction. Thank you Elsie, for bravely sharing your story!
  • 10 Books every teenager should read. I read many of these when I was in my first year of university (which was probably the most formative year of my life, and I was 17-18).
  • This drink looks so lovely. Any beverage with rosemary is an instant hit with me. But maybe it needs some gin? Just sayin'...
source: The Merry Thought

  • Good reminder: real is messy. "The world out there gets the best foot forward, the carefully chosen words, the laughs and the smiles. I get the tired, the grumpy, the arguing and disengaged."
  • This is just fun news to read.
  • Do you decorate your kid's room(s) for Christmas? Fun idea... we don't really but this post tempted me to!

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