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I'm eager to share a lot of things I've read and seen lately, but first wanted to say a quick merci to everyone who reads this blog and follows me on Instagram. It can seem like a one-sided conversation sometimes, and I know commenting on blogs is so five years ago, but when we experienced a real family emergency last week, many of you came out of the wood work to offer prayer and kind words, and I'm really touched. Thanks for following along, guys. xoxo
image: apartment therapy

  • "Our problems weren’t that we didn’t get along, or that we were fundamentally different people, or even bigger, unfaithful, disrespectful, unsupportive. No, our problem was that we were both too busy and exhausted to look at what the other person was sacrificing and compromising on a daily basis and say, thank you so much." A powerfully real and endearing love story on a couple's 10 year anniversary (hard to believe we're almost there ourselves!).
  • 3 things to ask before changing churches.
  • Montreal emojis! Too bad my i0s is super outdated and I refuse to upgrade. i0s 6 for life!

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