it's OK to feel both (+ some family photos!)

Basically every day from 5-7pm I walk the tightrope walk of emotions where I'm part counting the minutes 'til bedtime and part savouring time with my kids. Doing homework in another language, trying to calm down a boy with endless energy before bedtime, corralling three kids into the bath without flooding my bathroom... none of these are my favourite pastimes. But these are the days, as they say. We'll look back on these days and wonder where they vanished to, and what exactly we found so difficult.

And not half an hour after they're finally tucked in to bed and sleeping soundly, I find myself scrolling through pictures on my phone from our day, or talking about them with Brad over a glass of wine. Effectively, missing them.

I've felt guilty about these feelings before, but I'm realizing it's OK to feel both. It's OK to look forward to alone time. It's OK to cherish time alone with your spouse. It's OK to want them to go to bed! And it's OK to miss them when you finally get some time alone.

If you're looking to conduct an experiment on how one can experience every range of emotions in the shortest amount of time, I suggest parenting.

These beautiful pictures area part of a shoot we did with Rachel Cheng, Montreal-based food and family photographer. She was incredible with our kiddos and managed to get every shot I'd hoped for and more in under 30 minutes - crucial when your kids (and husband, lol) aren't thrilled about taking pictures.
Find her information here.

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