Parc Villeneuve

Parc Villeneuve is so dreamy! This summer the old park was closed for renovation and just a couple of weeks ago it opened again and it's one of our new favourite places.

It's on Henri-Julien, nestled between Villeneuve and Mont-Royal across from the conservatory. It's actually really easy to miss if you're not looking for it.  It's mainly rope and timber and has such a natural feel to it. It really encourages kids to play and use their imaginations in a way that a lot of typical playgrounds don't.

 I love the wood chips too - sand drives me crazy. And there's the perfect amount of shade and sun. There are fountains but no bathrooms or wifi, just in case you were wondering :)

And now that my kids are old enough, trips to the park are actually relaxing for me. The other day, I read several chapters of my current Jane Austen classic that I'm reading for book club while the kids played. I couldn't have even hoped for such a thing last year, but what a difference twelve months makes.

I hesitate to share this, because often when we've gone it's been nearly empty and we've loved having the place to ourselves, but it's also too good to keep to ourselves. Enjoy this beautiful space!

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